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This right here is a phenomenon!like when you see a unicorn again(lool,ikr?I must have a mental problem)hehe, these are that special as we thought it will never happen,one of the best colourways from the air Jordan 1 to 14 series and they have finally retroed!! in its original yellow/black form as part of the Jordan brand's retro remaster lineup for 2017 and will be releasing on the 10th of June for a retail price of $175.

Originally released in 1998 They were one of the very few air Jordan kicks to take this long to be retroed and we thought they will never happen again.

We really need to thank tinker Hatfield every now and then for coining this trend.....tinker Hatfield, you know the guy that first came up with the idea of the bringing back an original basketball shoe in lifestyle colorways for the rest of us nonathletic types...wait, you didn't know?okay now you do, yall welcome, so now, let's do this together.......1,2,3,go!..thank you tinker Hatfield!and that thought…


And once again,another foamposite colourway is out by nike and its pretty cool,though not as brightcoloured as the last(metallic red) which i was totally into by the way,its still very cop worthy.
The nike brand is known to experiment with each of the kicks put out from the foamposite series and this time,this fleece version is actually dressed in wool,now i think wool is a pretty awesome material for the cold days but for the summer?shit could get crazy real quick,lool.....okay,im just kidding guys,the foam is on th outside and no,your feet would not end up in a small stream of sweat(that would be a scary situation) by the end of the day rocking this baby,lol.

The overall look is pretty techie ish and looks like something i would pair with iron man's favourite suit(that bitch!stopped taking my calls once i mentioned i 'might; need to borrow it for a quick party,uggh!and here i was thinking sharing is caring...i am not kidding yall,i know ironman!)so if you are a tech buff,yo…


Ever since my fave,the beautiful rihanna collaborated with stance the sock brand few years back till date to put out a series of bomb socks for every season in the calendar,stance has become one of  my top favourite apparel brand and even before that,who wouldn't totally dig a sock brand with such a creative name as stance?only a lame definitely!lol ,and now they are putting out one of my favourite things and with a super cool brand im also fond of 'new balance', so you should have an idea of just how excited(more like ecstatic!) I am about this collaboration.

The stance x new balance collection 'first of all' between stance and the new balance brand is a first of its kind(and I hope not the last)hence dubbed the'FIRST OF ALL' collection and comprises of two kicks,the '997' a classic and the'1978',a vintage-inspired model.

They both look super fun with the awesome colour mixes that make up the two colourways of the sneakers.Both kicks and t…


Boy is the adidas brand becoming more conscious of the environment or what?!this is their second collaboration with parley for their ocean protection programmes,the first collection was put out sometime last month,tagged 'for the oceans',made from recycled plastics from their ocean cleaning programmes and is this new conscious adidas brand moving up on my favourite kick brand list? TOTALLY!.
The parley x adidas ultra boost uncaged 'ice blue' pack comprises of the ultra boost,ultra boost uncaged and ultra boost silhouetes just like in the previously released parley x adidas collection.The new white/ice blue colourway is inspired by the crisis resulting from coral bleaching and representing the conscious effort of mankind to mends their ways in relations to the destruction of the environment by mankind.

Released on the 8th of june,in store and online via for $200 each.This collection is made from recycled plastic like the first collection and each pair of kic…