This right here is a phenomenon!like when you see a unicorn again(lool,ikr?I must have a mental problem)hehe,these are that special as we thought it will never happen,one of the best colourways from the air Jordan 1 to 14 series and they have finally retroed!! in its original yellow/black form as part of the Jordan brand's retro remaster lineup for 2017 and will be releasing on the 10th of june for a retail price of $175.Originally released in 1998 They were one of the very few air Jordan kicks to take this long to be retroed and we thought they will never happen again.We really need to thank tinker hatfield every now and then for coining this trend.....tinker hatfield,you know the guy that first came up with the idea of the bringing back an original basketball shoe in lifestyle colourways for the rest of us non athletic types...wait,you didn't know?okay now you do,yall welcome,so now,lets do this together.......1,2,3,go!..thank you tinker hatfield!and that thoughtful brain of yours,lol,now lets get to the photos,do let us know if they are cop worthy via the comments section,happy viewing.

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