And once again,another foamposite colourway is out by nike and its pretty cool,though not as bright  coloured as the last(metallic red) which i was totally into by the way,its still very cop worthy.The nike brand is known to experiment with each of the kicks put out from the foamposite series and this time,this fleece version is actually dressed in wool,now i think wool is a pretty awesome material for the cold days but for the summer?shit could get crazy real quick,lool.....okay,im just kidding guys,the foam is on th outside and no,your feet would not end up in a small stream of sweat(that would be a scary situation) by the end of the day rocking this baby,lol.The overall look is pretty techie ish and looks like something i would pair with iron man's favourite suit(that bitch!stopped taking my calls once i mentioned i 'might; need to borrow it for a quick party,uggh!and here i was thinking sharing is caring...i am not kidding yall,i know ironman!)so if you are a tech buff,you might love this in your kick collection.Released on the 9th of june for a retail price of $230 via select nike sportwear retailers and online stores,photos below.Do tell us what you think of this foamposite colourway via the comment section,we will love to know your take on below,happy viewing.

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